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Mag Carriers

    Our Kydex mag Carriers can be ordered individually.  Every option is available to allow a mag carrier to match any holster design you like.  If you ordered a custom Kydex holster and wish you had ordered a matching mag carrier, you can order one to match.  If you have seen a picture of a mag carrier or holster that you like, you can match it with the options listed.  If you are unsure of which options you need to choose to match a specific picture or past order, contact us and we'll be able to help you out.  

Mag Carrier

        This is a single layer version of our Kydex Mag Carrier.  The mag carrier can be ordered to match a previous or future order and/or a picture you have seen.  If you have any questions about matching ord..


Mag Carrier - Double Layer

        Reign Tactical Kydex mag carriers and pouches allow a high degree of customization.  They can be ordered in any combination of colors and cuts.  Our mag carriers allow customization for your carry style..


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