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What Material do you use?

We build holsters/carriers from thermoform plastic. The brands we use are Kydex, Boltaron and Holstex.  The standard thickness is .080.  


Which Textures do you use?

P1 texture is our standard texture although you will find different textures in the store from time to time.  We like trying new options.   If a holster doesn't have a specific texture label, its P1 texture.  


Do you offer custom colors?

We offer any available color on the market that we are able to secure.  We do not offer true custom colors at this time.  If there is a color that is available and we don't offer it, please contact us.


Can I send you my gear to have a holster or sheath made?

We do take on non-standard jobs when our workload does not prevent it.  Our primary business is holsters so we only take on non-standard jobs during our slower months.  If you have a project you want done, please contact us and we'll let you know whether or not we can take it on at this particular time.  

Why are you no longer offering nonstandard eyelet colors?

We have been unable to produce consistent results with the colored eyelets we have used in the past.  Paint chipping, cracking or falling off is a common issue with them.  We cannot offer a subpar product and keep our warranty intact. We are searching for more consistent colored eyelets and when we find them, we'll reinstate  it as an upgrade option.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  


Which is the inside color and which is the outside color of a holster?

Please see the Red "Question Mark" beside the option titles on the holster order forms.  


Why don't you have more READY TO SHIP items in your store?

Our business is primarily built on custom orders and those custom orders take most of our time.  We started stocking a few Ready To Ship holsters because it allows us to use our downtime more efficiently.  When there is little downtime, there are fewer Ready To Ship items.  


What does your warranty not cover?

Our warranty does not cover .060 thickness Kydex/Boltaron/Holstex.  We only use .060 when specifically requested and those products come with a workmanship warranty only.  The .060 material itself is not guaranteed by Reign Tactical.  Our warranty also does not cover intentional destruction.  This rule was put into place because replacing products destroyed by idiots gets very expensive, very quickly.  A few people always ruin things for everyone else.  "Intentional Destruction" is a judgement call that will be made by Reign Tactical.  Kydex holsters are not fire-proof, bullet-proof or Chevrolet-proof.  Our warranty does not cover cosmetics of the holster.  Kydex will scar and prints will come off with enough abuse and wear.  


Can I get my holster/carrier faster?

We have a Rush Order option that is available on the holster order forms.  The Rush Order option will cut the lead time in half.  


Can I pick up my holster/carrier?

Yes, you can pick up your holster.  We do not have a storefront so you can't come to shop but you can definitely swing by to pick up your order.  Generally, calling ahead to make an appointment works best.      


Do you offer UPS/FedEx shipping?

We do offer UPS and FedEx but its cheaper if only used with larger orders.  USPS is most often used to help keep shipping costs as low as possible.  Please contact us if you desire UPS or FedEx as your shipping method.  


How do I return a holster/carrier that is damaged?

Call or email us for return shipping instructions.


Can I return an item simply because I don't like it?

Any new, unused item in its original packaging that was Ready To Ship at the time of purchase can be returned for a refund or exchanged within 30 days of the purchase date.  We do not pay for return shipping on Ready To Ship returns.  Used or Damaged items or incorrect packaging will not be accepted for return.  Used, damaged or incorrectly packaged items are treated as a warranty claim.  Custom orders may only be returned for warranty reasons and will be repaired or replaced at Reign Tactical’s discretion.  Shipping Costs are non-refundable. 


Do you accept checks, cash, etc?

We only accept PayPal, Credit or Debit from the general public.  We accept checks from Gov't agencies.  


Can I Phone in my Order?

Yes, we can process orders by phone, email and through the website.


When will my card be charged?

When placing an order, your card will be charged at the time you place the order.  We started doing this for a number of reasons but our top two reasons are:

1) We use your money to build your holster.  We take the money you pay us, to pay for materials and to pay our guys to build your holster.  Approximately 70% of the amount you pay will go toward paying for the manufacturing of your order.  

2) People don't respond when it's time to pay.  We used to charge customers after we completed the holster...right before we shipped it.  Too often, the customers card would no longer be valid and the customer wouldn't reply to our calls and emails in a timely manner.  We almost went out of business doing this.  You can only invest your money in so many funky colored holsters that no one wants before you have to reconsider your strategy.  

Lead Time

The Current Approximate is listed at the top of your screen.   

Rush order lead times are approximately half of the standard lead time at the time of purchase.  

We attempt to estimate lead times as accurately as possible. At times the listed lead time is not 100% accurate.   We do try our best to get orders shipped as quickly as possible.  Lead times are floating approximations.  This means the posted lead time at the time of purchase is the lead time that your order retains even though the posted lead time on the website may change.  The listed lead time is not a guarantee.

We are one of the very few truly custom Kydex holster manufacturers in the industry.  We allow the customer to choose almost any option imaginable.  This affects lead times quite a bit.   The vast majority of Kydex holster manufacturers can give a very accurate lead time.  This is due to the fact that they offer very few options and most all of their orders are almost identical.  We are the exact opposite.  We offer freedom when holster shopping.  Every holster we build is different.  One holster may go through the production phases faster than another.   The lead time is dictated by the complexity of the holsters ordered.  We go months without ever building the same holster twice.    Because of this there is no way to guarantee a 100% accurate lead time.  Many people receive their orders early and some may take a bit  longer.  If you're one of the people with an order that takes a little longer, we apologize.   


Order Changes

Order changes are welcome as long as the order has not gone too far into the production process to make the requested change.  If the order has passed the point in production that prohibits the requested change, there is another option.  We can scrap the order and start over.  This option will cost only the amount Reign Tactical has invested in the order.  Thre further along the order is in production, the expensive it will be to scrap the order and start over.  This is not an attractive option but it is an option if needed.  All order change requests must be made by email.  the email address listed on the order is the only acceptable method of order change requests.  Orders cannot be changed by phone.  We must have written proof of the order change request.  

Order Cancellations

Orders may be cancelled within 48 hours of order placement.  Cancelled orders are subject to a 20% cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee applies to Reign Tactical branded products only.  Non-Custom orders may be cancelled before the order ships.  No refunds will be given on Custom Kydex orders that have already gone into production.  All Kydex products other than ones bought Ready To Ship are considered custom.  Items that are bought Ready To Ship are NOT considered custom.  Order cancellation requests must be made by email.  The email listed on the order is the only acceptable method of cancellation.  We cannot cancel orders by phone.  We must have written proof of the cancellation request.  In the event of an allowed order cancellation after production begins, Reign Tactical's total amount invested in the manufacturing of the order will be charged.  

Return Policy

We accept returns for up to 30 days from the purchase date on non-custom items.  All Kydex products that are not ordered as Ready To Ship are considered "custom".  Returned items must be in new, unused condition and in original undamaged and unopened packaging.  Returns are not accepted if this critera is not met.  Custom orders are not eligible for return.  Custom orders are only eligible for warranty service. 


Reign Tactical's Kydex, Boltaron and Holstex products are guaranteed for life.  If it ever needs repair, we'll repair it. If it can't be repaired, we'll replace it.  When you order a custom Kydex holster from Reign Tactical you are getting a hand made piece of craftsmanship that will last.  For those instances in which they don't last, our Lifetime Warranty has you covered.  Also, our Lifetime Warranty is transferable from owner to owner.  We don't need proof that you bought the holster from us.  We don't care if you are the tenth, or even the twentieth, owner.  If the holster fails, we will fix it or replace it.  Our Lifetime Warranty only applies to Reign Tactical branded items.  Retail items made by companies other than Reign Tactical come with the manufacturers warranty.  Any modifications made to Reign Tactical products by those not authorized to do so will render the Reign tactical warranty void.  This warranty does not cover intentional damage to the product.  Intentional damage judgement is at Reign Tactical's discretion.   

Reign Tactical designs are protected by copyright and/or patent law.