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Ready to ship holsters

    Our Ready to Ship holsters are packaged and available for immediate shipping.  There is no lead time with them.  We don't keep many in stock as our business is primarily built on custom holsters.  Custom orders take most of our time.  We started stocking a few Ready to Ship holsters because it allows us to use our downtime more efficiently.  When there is little down time, there are fewer Ready to Ship items.  

    Ready to Ship holsters are often deeply discounted.  Most are priced below regular price. This discount is not transferable to custom holsters.  All Ready to Ship holsters come with our Lifetime Warranty unless otherwise stated on the item description.  

Bora Light (D) - P320c / TLR-1 Bora Light (D) - P320c / TLR-1 Sale
30% off

Bora Light (D) - P320c / TLR-1

Sig P320 Compact / Streamlight TLR-1Double Layer5º CantRight HandKryptek Typhon / Kryptek AltitudeAdjustable RetentionOWBTalon Flow CutDiagonal Vert WindowShooters CutMedium Sweat GuardTek-Lok OR Choice of Mounts    Please check the "A..

$124.57 $177.95

Bora Light - XDm / X300u Bora Light - XDm / X300u Sale
30% off

Bora Light - XDm / X300u

Springfield XDm 9/40  5.25" / Surefire X300u (a&b)Single LayerG-Code Paddle10º CantRight HandBlackAdjustable RetentionOWBDiagonal Vert WindowMedium Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item pho..

$59.49 $84.98

Bora(D)  - P320 FS Bora(D)  - P320 FS Sale
30% off

Bora(D) - P320 FS

Sig Sauer P320 Full SizeDouble LayerBladetech TekLok5º CantRight HandKryptek Pontus / Arctic WhiteAdjustable RetentionOWBFlow CutShooters CutRMR CutMedium Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item photo for ..

$108.82 $155.46

Bora(D) - M&P 45c Bora(D) - M&P 45c Sale
35% off

Bora(D) - M&P 45c

Smith & Wesson M&P 45 CompactDouble Layer1.5" Belt Clip15º CantRight HandKryptek Typhon / EMT RedAdjustable RetentionIWBCustom Slime CutMedium Sweat Guard    The Custom Slime Cut is a design we will never make again.  ..

$94.89 $145.98

Bora(D) - PX4 FS Bora(D) - PX4 FS Sale
35% off

Bora(D) - PX4 FS

Beretta PX4 9mm Full SizeDouble LayerBladetech TekLok0º CantLeft HandSuperCam / OD GreenAdjustable RetentionOWBStraight / Straight EdgesVert WindowsShooters CutRMR CutNo Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the ..

$80.92 $124.48

Mag Carrier - Glock 21 Mag Carrier - Glock 21 Sale
45% off

Mag Carrier - Glock 21

Glock 20 / 21Double Layer1.5" Belt Clip0º CantLeft Side CarryBullets Facing ForwardKryptek Nomad / FDEAdjustable RetentionOWBStraight / Straight Edges    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item photo for our stock status..

$25.40 $46.19

Slim - S&W Shield 45 Slim - S&W Shield 45 Sale
20% off

Slim - S&W Shield 45

Smith & Wesson Shield .45Single Layer1.5" Belt Clip10º CantRight Hand BlackAdjustable RetentionIWBFull Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item photo for our stock status.  If only 1 is availa..

$39.98 $49.98

Slim Light(D)  - G21 / TLR-1 Slim Light(D)  - G21 / TLR-1 Sale
30% off

Slim Light(D) - G21 / TLR-1

Glock 20/21 - Streamlight TLR-1Double Layer1.5" Belt Clip10º CantRight HandStorm Grey / Blue Carbon FiberAdjustable RetentionIWBStraight / War EdgesFull Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item photo for ou..

$91.68 $130.97

Slim Light(D) -  P-07 / APL Slim Light(D) -  P-07 / APL Sale
25% off

Slim Light(D) - P-07 / APL

CZ P-07 / Inforce APLDouble LayerBladetech TekLok0º CantRight HandKiller Coyote Carbon Fiber / Storm GreyAdjustable RetentionOWBStraight / Straight EdgesFull Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item photo f..

$86.98 $115.97

Slim Light(D) - G17 / X300u Slim Light(D) - G17 / X300u Sale
30% off

Slim Light(D) - G17 / X300u

Glock 17/22 - Surefire X300u (a&b) Double Layer G-Code MNT Duty Slide  5º Cant Right Hand Black Basket Weave / EMT Red Carbon Fiber Adjustable Retention OWB Threaded Barrel Surf Cut Shooters Cut RMR Cut No Sweat Guard   &nb..

$122.47 $174.95

Slim(D) - P365 Slim(D) - P365 Sale
30% off

Slim(D) - P365

Sig P365Double Layer1.5" Adjustable Belt Clip0º-20º Cant - AdjustableAdustable Ride HeightRight HandKryptek Pontus / Storm Grey Carbon FiberAdjustable RetentionIWBCustom Talon CutNo Sweat GuardClawThis Slim(D) holster was built specifically for IWB a..

$95.18 $135.97

Titan - Glock 21 Titan - Glock 21 Sale
30% off

Titan - Glock 21

Glock 20 / 21Bladetech TekLok0º CantRight HandKryptek Nomad / FDEAdjustable RetentionOWBStraight / Straight EdgesMedium Sweat Guard    Please check the "Availability" status beside the item photo for our stock status.  If only 1 i..

$83.28 $118.97

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