Re-Tac Wraith Kydex Holster

Re-Tac Wraith Kydex Holster

Re-Tac Wraith Kydex Holster

  • Brand : Reign Tactical
  • Product Code : Wraith
  • Availability : Built To Order
  • $49.99

Available Options

Wraith Custom Kydex Holster


 Please click on the black circled question mark beside each option title for an explanation of the option. 

    The Re-Tac Wraith is a product designed from the many requests we have received for a more adjustable custom Kydex holster.  It offers the ability for almost any style of carry due to its many adjustment and compatibility features.  Fully adjustable, the Generation 2 Re-Tac Wraith is the next step toward our goal of designing a Kydex holster that can be exactly what is needed no matter the requirement.  We have designed the Wraith to be compatible with many mounts.  If you wish to carry the holster IWB one day and run it with a G-Code RTI the next, thats not a problem for the Gen 2 Wraith.  Simply change out the mounts.  Every Gen 2 Wraith you buy will be compatible with every mount that is offered as an option on the order form.  If you order the Gen 2 Wraith with a TekLok and realize you would rather have a Universal Belt Slide instead, simply buy the new mount and screw it to the holster.  The holster is built to accept it.  We want your holster to evolve with you as your carry methods change.  Imagine a single Kydex holster that thrives in concealed carry, competition shooting and tactical training classes.  All that is needed is a change of the mount.  The Wraith is truly a step forward in the Kydex holster industry.    

The Wraith isn't available for many pistols and/or lights at the moment but we are slowly adding more to the list.  If you need a basic holster for a pistol that isn't listed for the Wraith, check out the Slim Holster or the Bora Holster


1st Generation Wraith is IWB Only. 

2nd Generation Wraith is Capable of Both IWB & OWB.

We continue to make both. 


  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Threaded Barrel Compatible
  • Suppressor Sight Compatible
  • RMR Compatible
  • Right Hand Only (Left hand version coming soon)
    OWB or IWB Options Available
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Estimated Lead Time For This Item Is Listed At The Top Of Your Screen.  This Is Not A Next Day Ship Item. 

Only Pistols/Lights Listed In The Drop-Down Options Are Available At This Time.  

Material Print, Shape, Length, Width, Weight And The Location Of Cuts/Curves Of The Holster Are Solely Dependent Upon The Type And Size Of The Pistol/Light.

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Choose 1st Generation if you only plan to wear your holster IWB.  The 1st Generation Wraith is not capable of OWB carry.  If wearing IWB, the 1st Generation Wraith is slightly more comfortable than the 2nd Generation.  The 1st Generation Wraith is only capable of accepting the IWB mounts such as the UltiClip and the Adjustable Belt Clip.  

Choose 2nd Generation if you plan to wear your holster IWB & OWB.  The 2nd Generation is capable of accepting every IWB & OWB mount that is available for the Wraith.  


This option is asking which side of your body you will be carrying your pistol / holster on.  Are you right or left handed?


The Claw is primarily used for appendix inside the waistband carry (concealed carry).  It is designed to press your pistol grip into the body to aid in reduced printing.  When utilized properly, it works very well.  

Sweat Guard

The Sweat Guard gets its name from the protection it offers the pistol from sweat.  The sweat guard is most often used as a barrier for ones shirt.  Tuck your shirt behind the sweat guard and it will prevent your shirt from falling into the holster when the pistol is drawn.  

Medium Sweat Guard is by far our most common.  It is approximately 1" short of being a Full Sweat Guard. 

Sweat Guard: None is our recommendation for holsters being worn in the Appendix Location.  A sweat guard tends to be uncomfortable when worn appendix.  

Sweat Guard: None  is our recommendation when using an OWB mount that offsets the holster from the body such as the G-Code RTI system.  

Below is an image showing approximate heights of Sweat Guards.  

Dependent Option:  The exception to the Sweat Guard height rule is this:

The Sweat Guard cannot be cut lower than the Front Guard.  It must be equal in height or higher than the front guard.  If you ask for no Sweat Guard and also ask for a standard front guard (Shooters Cut: NO) , your sweat guard will be the same height as your front guard.  If you want NO Sweat Guard, in the "Shooters Cut" option, choose "YES".  

    We have more colors available than what is pictured here.  We are working on getting more color swatches added to this list.

Rush Order

The "Rush Order" will cut our standard lead time in half.  Our standard lead time is noted at the top of your screen on the white banner.  

    Does your wife or husband ever get upset that you spend too much on gun stuff?  It's a very common issue.  We have been pulled into quite a few marital disputes over the past 5 years.  We've even had a wife call and request to change her husbands holster color to pink.  Sometimes life could be made a little easier with a simple letter.  By choosing the "Marital Alibi" option, we will add a note to your package saying "Congratulations on winning this item!!!!".  A copy of your invoice and how much you paid will NOT be included in the package.  This option is a free service.

    The Marital Alibi started as a joke but we have received tons of positive feedback about it so it's here to stay.  

Other Instructions

Place any and all pertinent information here that is not covered by our standard options.  

If your pistol has a thumb safety, custom grips on your 1911, etc, write that information here.  

If you have contacted us about a pistol or light not listed on our options and we have asked you to write it on the order form, write your pistol or light model here.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER FOR A PISTOL / LIGHT WE DO NOT HAVE LISTED WITHOUT FIRST SPEAKING WITH US.  

If you are sending us a light or laser that we do not have a mold for, write that you are sending us the light/laser here.

If you have special needs for your holster, write that here.